Why I Don’t Get Excited About Las Vegas

Hope you all had a great weekend and Mother’s day! I thought I would provide some great entertainment on this dreary Monday especially if you are dealing with crazy weather like we are in Colorado. While visiting with my Mom this Sunday she gave me a box she had found with all my writings and work from elementary school. I started going through some of the papers I wrote as a kid and read this particular paper….we all were laughing so hard that we were crying so I thought I would share it!


Now for a little background I have been to Las Vegas probably 20 plus times over my lifetime. A lot of the trips were actually when I was a kid under the age of 21. My family loves to gamble and always goes to Vegas at least twice a year so most of the time us kids get to tag along. Growing up in my family you had better learn how to play poker and how to play a slot machine if you wanted to survive! When I got married I had to teach my husband how to play poker and all our card games so that he would be included in our family activities….and now he is a pretty good card player and even beats me so I must be a great teacher –  that’s my excuse anyway 🙂


Don’t get me wrong I have been to Las Vegas plenty of times as an adult and have enjoyed myself too much while playing no limit poker, drinking yards of margaritas, and watching naughty shows, but I have had my share of Las Vegas. I would just rather spend the money going somewhere I haven’t been yet like to Europe or South America. So when I came across this paper it just made me laugh because apparently I was over Las Vegas at the age of 12 when I wrote this. Just read and enjoy…


Page 1


Page 2



OMG what a brutal 12 year old!!





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