What I Eat Wednesday

I decided every week on Wednesday that I am going to post and share what I ate for the whole day before. So if you are ever wondering what the heck vegans eat or what I eat all day then here is your chance to see! It might help you with some meal ideas and it will help me to stay accountable so it’s a win-win!


For breakfast I always start my day with a smoothie. Lately I have been doing all fruit smoothies as I like to eat most of my fruit and sugar in the mornings. It gives me awesome energy for the day, keeps me full, and I find that I am not snacking or craving sweets as much the rest of the day (and I have a sweet tooth). We always try to buy organic and we buy the frozen fruit in bulk at Costco. Using frozen fruit makes the smoothie yummy cold and of course it lasts longer. There is nothing else added – the ingredients say ‘frozen organic strawberries’ and ‘frozen organic blueberries.’




I will also get freshly squeezed orange juice from Costco to add to the smoothies. Again, I am always looking at the ingredients to make sure there is no added sugar or a bunch of weird hard to read chemistry ingredients going on. I always want the most natural real ingredients and not a chemistry experiment. The ingredient on this is ‘juice from oranges’.





I peeled 2 organic bananas (not frozen), added some frozen strawberries and blueberries, added a little orange juice, and blended it all up.




I’ll throw it into a mason jar and drink on it for about an hour…it is super easy to make and is delicious!




For lunch around 12:30 I had what I call “Chipotle at home.” I used canned black beans and corn, which I know isn’t the best but I make sure to drain and rinse them to lessen the sodium content. I chopped up some romaine lettuce and tomatoes, poured on the heated up black beans and corn, and added a scoop of guacamole. Sometimes I might also add some salsa. It’s quick and easy and it fills me up!





For dinner we had tofu scramble which is a staple for us when we are craving something hearty. It is almost like having breakfast for dinner too! We take a block of pressed tofu and chop it up into little bits so it looks like scrambled eggs. Add some green onions and soy sauce to flavor and cook on the stove-top. We also heat up some big yukon potatoes and add them to the pan with the tofu. It tastes just like scrambled eggs and potatoes! We also had a few fresh strawberries on the side and I added some salsa to my potatoes.




After dinner I was kind of bad and snacked on a handful of trail mix, although it was mostly cashews. During the night is when I have the bad cravings to snack and want the sweets! So I usually have some trail mix on hand for these occasions so I don’t have something too terrible.


That was my food for the day! What do you usually eat?



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