What I Eat Wednesday

Yay it’s another what I eat Wednesday! Ok I lied to you all because I still haven’t planned any recipes yet…with the hiking trip and getting our yard in shape last weekend we just bought our normal food staples. I do, however, have the best smoothie recipe you will ever make!


This morning I was in a tropical mood because all I want to do lately is lay on a beach all day. I just kind of made this up with what I had so I did 2 bananas, frozen pineapple chunks, frozen strawberries, water, and coconut sugar. I didn’t have any coconut water so I used the coconut sugar I had to add a coconut flavor.


coconut sugar


I threw everything in the vitamix and just kind of eyeballed the amounts of each. I did add more pineapple than strawberries.




It was pure tropical deliciousness and probably the best smoothie I ever made….give it a try!!


tropical smoothie


During the day I have been a fruitarian lately. We bought a ginormous organic watermelon so I have been eating bowls of watermelon for lunch. If I got hungry later I would snack on some hummus or more fruit but for the most part I was full. I would have 2 or 3 of these bowls not just one!




For dinner we have been having our usual tofu dishes. We broke down and bought some bread – ciabatta rolls to be exact. We were bad! We made some BBQ tofu samiches.


BBQ tofu


oh look more watermelon!


The other night we had tofu and veggies on brown rice.


tofu rice


With the evil bread in the house I am always tempted to make my favorite snack. I will warm up the rolls in the oven, spread on some peanut butter, and add sliced banana.


banana snack



It’s funny how we think of this as “bad” now….our definition of what is bad sure has changed and we now feel guilty for just having simple bread and peanut butter! So we slipped a little this past week and didn’t have 100% whole foods but we won’t always be perfect. The point is that we will get right back on track. I am already feeling bloated from eating bread so I have learned my lesson! I like how I feel and how my body feels when I do eat whole foods so I am getting used to it. Some of these “bad” foods are an addiction and when you change your diet your tastes also start changing and eventually these addictions you used to crave start to diminish especially when you remember how bad it makes you feel.


“The modern food and drug industry has converted a significant portion of the world’s people to a new religion—a massive cult of pleasure seekers who consume coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, candy, chocolate, alcohol, processed foods, fast foods, and concentrated dairy fat (cheese) in a self-indulgent orgy of destructive behavior. When the inevitable results of such bad habits appear—pain, suffering, sickness, and disease—the addicted cult members drag themselves to physicians and demand drugs to alleviate their pain, mask their symptoms, and cure their diseases. These revelers become so drunk on their addictive behavior and the accompanying addictive thinking that they can no longer tell the difference between health and health care.”
― Joel FuhrmanEat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss







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