What I Eat Wednesday

Welcome to another What I eat Wednesday! Sorry this is being posted late….I was invited to speak at a career panel at a Denver High School. So this morning I was in a high school accounting class talking about my experiences in college and in the accounting field. It was fun to answer questions from high school students that are getting ready to go to college and are thinking about a career in accounting…oh to be that young again! We had a great discussion that even involved debt and budgeting which you all know I love to talk about! The best part I think was getting cheers from them when I told them I have my own business and I am my own boss. 🙂 Anyways I had an awesome time and I would do it again in a heartbeat in order to help the youth out there since this old lady has learned a lot over the years.


Alright let’s look at my food….I am still addicted to bananas and dates! This morning I made a datorade which included just 16 dates and water. I left the bananas out this time.




It still comes out nice and frothy but not as creamy without the bananas. It was still good though and tasted like a root beer!




And in case you don’t know how awesome dates are I stole this from Freelee the Banana Girl who I follow!




For lunch I have been making stir fry’s which are real fast and easy for me (notice how I like fast and easy). I will steam some frozen veggies we buy at Costco and add in some organic cabbage. Then I will saute everything in this vegan soyaki sauce that we got at Trader Joe’s….the sauce is sooo good and will add a great teriyaki flavor to the veggies.



stir fry


I will add the veggies to some brown rice I cooked in the rice cooker mmmmm delicious!


stir fry bowl


Since it has been cold, rainy and snowy we have been making a lot of soups and chili’s for dinner that will usually last us a few days. When it is cold and snowy out I always crave a good ramen soup. Since ‘Top Ramen’ really isn’t food and is processed to heck we bought some organic ramen noodles made out of wheat.


udon noodles


We will boil these noodles in some vegetable broth with some veggies. We also added some sauteed tofu. It was awesome!




For our chili we used a bunch of different kidney beans, stewed tomatoes, green peppers, and chili powder. We are still eating on this big pot!





This weekend I will be going through some of the cookbooks we bought and picking out a few recipes to try so we can buy all the ingredients for them on our next grocery trip. Next Wednesday should be amazing!


What do you usually eat or crave when it’s cold out?



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