What I Eat Wednesday

Welcome to another what I eat Wednesday! These might seem a bit boring and plain since the hubs and I are doing our whole food challenge for the entire month. We are trying our best to stay away from processed foods including alcohol so what we are eating lately won’t be too exciting. Don’t let our challenge make you think vegan food is boring because it surely isn’t….just google vegan recipes if you don’t believe me! On a side note, we both went to a health fair this past weekend and got a full blood chemistry analysis…I am excited to get the results back to see how being vegan this year has affected it. When I receive my results, I will be writing a post to share with you all so look forward to that!


Ok on to the food…I am now addicted to a banana and date smoothie in the morning. Dates are awesome and this smoothie is so sweet and creamy it is almost like having a milkshake nom nom. We buy pitted dates so it is easy to just throw them into the vitamix.



I use 2 bananas, about 8-10 dates, and a bunch of water.


date vitamix


Look how creamy and frothy it comes out….it is sooooo good!! I have loads of energy after this.


date smoothie


For lunch I have been trying to eat mostly raw during the day. My staple has been hummus and vegetables. I will also add some romaine lettuce leafs to wrap everything in. I love hummus!




The other day I even made raw pasta for lunch. I used one organic zucchini, chopped off the ends, and put it in my spiralizer to make the “noodles”. If you don’t have a spiralizer you should get one just because they are fun…I want to spiralize everything!




zucchini bowl


For the raw pasta sauce I chopped up half a cucumber and added a few scoops of guacamole. You normally use avocado but since I didn’t have any I just used the guacamole I had. I added some pepper, garlic, and basil and blended it up.


pasta sauce


It smelled amazing and it tasted like a creamy fettuccine without all the fat and calories!


raw pasta

raw pasta mix


The other day I was also craving bad food so I decided to make some french fries in the afternoon for a snack. I sliced up a Yukon potato and placed them on a baking sheet. I only sprayed a little coconut spray onto the pan so they wouldn’t stick but I did not use any other oil or salt.


raw fries


They came out really good and I added some organic Trader Joe’s ketchup for dipping and it took my cravings away!





For dinner I made what I called a deconstructed lasagna casserole. I boiled some all natural brown rice pasta.


brown rice pasta


For the sauce instead of getting a processed marinara sauce I used organic stewed tomatoes and some diced green chilies. I also chopped up some pressed tofu for protein. I first cooked the tofu a bit in the pan and then added the tomatoes and chilies.


tomato sauce


tomato sauce mix



The tofu acted almost like cheese in a lasagna. It was yummy!


pasta bowl



That was some of my food for the week….see you next time!



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