Weekend Recap

It was a great weekend despite daylight savings time! After getting snow on Friday we had a fabulous sunny weekend in the high 60’s so we took advantage of it….that’s Colorado for you!


On Saturday morning I got to my jazzercise class and caught up with friends over coffee afterwards.

Sat workout


I then drove up to my Mom’s in horrid highway traffic since everyone and their mother was out enjoying the weather…good thing I had a few snacks with me.


Sat Drive


Mom and I wanted to get out to the flea market to look around and soak up some sun…it was bright!


Mom and I


I haven’t been there since I was a kid and I was blown away at how awesome the farmer’s market was. There was amazing local produce everywhere so I will have to go back and stock up especially this summer!


flea market 1

flea market 2

flea market 3

flea market 4


I then went through the boxes of books my Mom has…in my family we book swap a lot and end up with a ton. I plan on selling these on Amazon. We even bought a few more books at the flea market that would sell for more online. So this is my little project for today:




Sunday morning the hubs has his meetup so we worked on stuff.




Then we had dinner with family for my father-in-law’s birthday…Happy Birthday today Dan!




And we finished the night off watching Cosmos which was awesome! Today I need to get out in the 70 degree weather for a run since we have a 7k this coming Sunday and my booty still ain’t ready for it. I’m really in it for the beer afterwards 🙂 And we are getting snow tomorrow….for reals?!


On the business front my name and business was published on the FreshBooks map!




A good friend of mine also suggested that I reach out to the all food trucks so I sent emails to all the Denver food trucks and got 2 responses back. A dispensary also contacted me about doing their monthly sales tax returns so I have some things in motion!


Hope you guys had a great weekend!



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