Walking & Cemeteries

It has been 2 months since I canceled my gym membership and all fitness classes….so what have I been doing for workouts lately? Walking! I freaking walk everywhere and try to walk at least once a day. We live very close to a major street in our urban neighborhood so it is only about half a mile to the grocery store, brewery, restaurants, and other shops. When I need something at the grocery store I just walk, grab a few items I need, and walk back. It is a 1 mile round trip and the way back is all uphill so it is a good walk…and having to carry groceries back works my biceps!

The light rail station is also about a 1 mile walk from our house (2 miles round trip) so a lot of the time I walk to the light rail station to meet the hubs who is walking back after work so we can walk home together. On weekends we will also walk to light rail and take the train downtown to check out festivals or just hang out in Denver so we will get a good 3 miles of walking in. When we aren’t walking to get groceries or to the light rail station we will walk to a number of parks that are also nearby just to enjoy the nature. And when I need some more strength activity we also have dumbbell weights at home so after a walk I will do a little lifting or squats.

On the weekends I like to go to other places, besides just around the neighborhood, to take in a different scenery. So, before I continue I have to now reveal this very weird fact about me…I like to walk in cemeteries. And no I am not some gothic chick obsessed with death or anything (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I just love the history and art about it. I used to visit cemeteries with my Dad all the time when I was a kid. Anytime we were visiting another state I always made him take me to the old creepy cemetery. You can tell a lot about an area by looking at the cemetery; seeing the heritage of the names, ages of death, and sometimes the causes of death. I love the super old cemeteries because of the massive tombs and statues from back in the day…they are works of art compared to what we do now. For me, it is a history lesson and I am a history geek so I feel like I can connect or re-live the past in this way. Plus the grounds are always so beautiful, serene, and quiet and there is lots to look at.

One of these past weekends I dragged the husband to Fairmount Cemetery, Denver’s second oldest cemetery, for a walk. I had never been there before and wanted to check it out. It was founded in 1890 and there are many notable burials there….lots of past governors, mayors, senators, and famous Colorado pioneers and explorers. I saw many recognizable names because most streets in Denver are named after them! There were gorgeous monuments and huge mausoleums. We ended up walking around for 2 hours just looking at everything…I hadn’t even realized we were walking that long until the next day when I was kind of sore! Here are some of the pics we took:

cemetary 1

cemetery 10

Lots of famous peeps….if you live in Denver you know these names:


cemetery 5

cemetery 15

There were very unique monuments and sad ones:

cemetery 2cemetery 3

cemetery 4cemetery 7

cemetery 9

cemetery 16

cemetery 14

I thought this one was the coolest…it had busts and below the busts were the urns of their ashes. I told the hubs we should do this 🙂 BTW look at those age differences talk about cradle robber!

cemetery 11

cemetery 12

This cemetery had so many mausoleums…some of them were like mini houses with a front walkway and its own yard!

cemetery 6

cemetery 17cemetery 8


I put a creepy filter on this one just for you!

cemetery 18

Alright I probably officially freaked you out, but for me it is not creepy. I always end up thinking about their stories or what Denver might have been like in the 1890’s. Some of these people died so young and yet did so many remarkable things with their lives. Sometimes I even find myself looking these people up to learn more about them. It always takes me down a path I never thought about before. And it always makes me appreciate what I have. Life is short and precious so make the most out of it dang it! I hope one day when someone is walking by my grave that they want to know about my story or what I did. Who knows maybe there will even be a street with my name on it one day 🙂

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