V is for Victory


My Broncos won woohoo!!! We have a hard game next week and have to beat New England but I will wear my lucky Terrell Davis jersey again. I am not sure we are quite Superbowl material this year but some luck can’t hurt. For some reason we never look too good playing against San Diego.  I got to hang out with my kitty Elvis, watch my Broncos win, and dish on the Golden Globes so it was a perfect day!

I also had a victorious weekend with my eating and working out. I went to my jazzercise class Saturday morning (yes I do jazzercise and the hubs makes fun) and burned some major calories. I like to take these classes on the weekends to change it up from the normal gym routine because I get bored easily. Plus I have a few friends that go so it is like an hour long social hour that doesn’t even feel like you are working out! The group of jazzercise women also plan social activities once in a while too like a happy hour, potluck, or dinner out at a restaurant. It’s a lot of fun to dance around to good music and also still get strength training in. In fact, we did so many push-ups and planks in that class that on Sunday morning I didn’t go because my core was so freaking sore. I could barely move so I decided to let my body heal a bit.


I continued with my smoothies all weekend and avoided junk food even during the game! We went to the hubs sister’s house to watch the game with family and there was pizza, chips and dips, cupcakes, you name it and I didn’t eat it! I also didn’t drink any beer which is a huge accomplishment for me…I must be serious if I pass up chips and beer during football haha!

Also, I am super spoiled because the hubs is the cook in the house and he is the one that makes all the smoothies and gets the healthy dinners on the plate. I have to give him huge credit because without him I would probably eat cereal and top ramen all the time…love you baby! He is making some awesome smoothies so I am going to share the recipes on the recipes page. Try some out they are seriously delicious!


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