Travel Plans

This year we finally have some travel plans in mind….we originally were going to do a long European or South American trip but decided against it since the main focus this year is paying off the house. We will need some more time to save up and plan for what we want to do abroad so until then we thought why not take a few U.S. trips and see some things at home! We can save some money by driving and still get some good travel in.

One of the biggest things I want to do this year is visit Yosemite National Park. I have never been and am dying to see it. I want to do some hiking and camping and just chill in nature for a bit especially after tax season! I mean come on who doesn’t want to see this?!


Then while in California I want to hit up San Francisco again and do the drive down the 101 to San Diego to check out the sites there. We will be able to save money by driving and camping out for a few days. I always love a good road trip with awesome views!


We also want to do a Maryland & D.C trip. The hubs grew up in Annapolis, MD and I have never been so he wants to show me around the old stomping grounds. He wants me to see his childhood home by the Chesapeake Bay, visit Ocean City, and see all the blue crabs! We will most likely be driving this one too so on the way we want to stop at some Washington D.C. sites and then maybe head up north to see Niagara Falls. So yeah lots of driving on this one!

Annapoliswashington_dcNiagara Falls

We would also love to fit in a trip to Florida! We would visit and stay with our awesome aunt in Tampa and then hit the beaches in Miami and Key West. We would probably fly out to Florida then rent a car to drive from Tampa to Miami and then Key West. We will also try to Airbnb everywhere we can to save money on hotels.


I don’t know if we are going to fit this all in this year especially since we already have a family vacation planned to Playa Del Carmen Mexico in June for a week, but it doesn’t hurt to try! Can you tell I am ready for some relaxation and beaches?!


Playa Del Carmen


There are still plenty of fun things we want to do right here at home. We would even like to do trips to Chicago, Boston, and a road trip to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore. So we have tons of things to see before we go overseas and I am super excited for it all even if we are mostly staying in the U.S. this year!


What travel plans do you have?




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