Transitions & Temptations

So, I have been getting busy at work with the tax season quickly approaching and have only made it the gym once this week womp womp. I have been however training my body for crazy hours and slowly trying to transition into a new schedule that will include working out. I have set my alarm for 4:30 am, got up earlier, and caught an earlier train to work every morning while staying up until about 10:30 pm every night this week. During busy season I will be putting in crazy hours working weekends and I need to maintain my workouts, eating, and hopefully fitting in at least 6 hours of sleep. If I don’t do this I think I will go mad! Working out and eating right helps me deal with stress and will keep me sane. So this week I have changed my hours but I need to actually get to the gym now…next week not only will my alarm go off at 4:30 but I will getting up and getting my booty to the gym! This is my training for busy season that I look at as a boot camp that will get me through the next stressful few months.


Here is my one successful attempt at getting to the gym this week…my body will get there baby steps!



With busy season comes tons of food in the office. They will cater in dinners for us and have already stocked our kitchen with goodies galore. There will be food everywhere!


I am going to try my best and avoid all temptations that surround me. I will continue with my breakfast smoothies and will pack fruit and veggies snacks for when I get hungry and tempted. I also let the admin know that I need a vegetarian meal for dinner so hopefully there are a few salads that I can eat and not pizza 3 times a week. Eating well is  going to make me feel better and keep me full and not give me the complexion of a teenage boy in stressful times.


I am hoping this “training” will get me through and I won’t wake up on April 15th 15 pounds heavier hating life. It will be tough but the consequences are worse if I don’t.


For a fun Friday farewell I have to share this music video that expresses exactly to a tee what I hope won’t happen come April especially because we will be so close to our goal of having the house paid off**BEWARE there are some graphic images*** (are you surprised?!)Enjoy and GO BRONCOS!!!!




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