The Plan

First off I want to say I am so thankful for all my family and friends who have been so supportive and are genuinely happy for me. Many people have even reached out to give me advice and to talk out ideas so I am feeling very special and loved. I almost forgot what it is like to be surrounded by positive supportive people who are rooting for you. I think everyone is more confident in my abilities than I am right now! To hear others share with me what they envision me doing and what I am good at is beyond amazing. It has truly blown me away and reminded me just how great the people are in my life.


I think the world has also been testing me lately. Since I left my job I have gotten calls from big corporate recruiters and other job opportunities that I could have right now and be working with tomorrow. It’s like a memo went out and they all know I am available or something I mean seriously?! I have to admit I was tempted by some at first, but then I remembered what the point was. It’s not about just having a paycheck and being chained to a cubicle 40-50 hours a week that is not what I want otherwise I would have just stayed at my last job. I want to build something for myself that I can do whenever and wherever I want and I am liking the challenge of it all to see if I can do it. If I don’t take the opportunity to try now I know it is something I would really regret. So I called back all those recruiters and declined their requests for interviews. I mean I guess I can’t blame them I am really marketable I made it that way 😛


So what is my plan? On Monday I filed for my LLC, Manion & Associates, and got my FEIN number from the IRS. It’s official I am a business! I am going to start off freelancing doing accounting, bookkepping, and some tax prep for small businesses and entrepreneurs who can’t afford to hire a full time accountant. There are many start ups in Denver and there is a huge need just for basic bookkeeping. Some of the great people in my life have already sent me some referrals on the bookkeeping side. I am also going to capitalize on the legal retail marijuana industry by offering my sales tax knowledge and experience since retail marijuana shops are now required to collect and remit sales tax. I am not sure who or if they are doing their books or sales tax returns but I am going to try to be their it girl! I also plan on going to many small business and tech meetups to network and get the word out that I can help with their accounting and tax needs.  Of course I will be utilizing my in-house developer and web designer for a website and some business cards!


I am hoping to get my freelance going so it can fund some passive income projects I want to do. I really would like to sell a product, but I am not sure what that product is yet. I have my Mom thinking about ideas and what she can make so she will text me once in a while and then go oh wait it will be too much to ship LOL she is cute. I am also thinking about putting training materials or webinars together about basic accounting or tax planning that people can pay for and learn from. Passive income is all about making money without having to do much work for it! Something that can sell on it’s own and make money without me having to be there or be involved much. Another friend also suggested a good idea about doing some life coaching too. That I can coach someone with their personal finances, budgets, and debt since it is something I have gone through and done myself.


So that is what I have going on lately….I will be spending some time researching accounting software I want to use in the next week but my main goal is to get some freelancing jobs and get things started! If you have any advice or suggestions please hit me up – I love hearing it!





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