Seattle Day 3 – Apples, Rocks, and Beaches

Yesterday we met up with a cousin originally from CO and her boyfriend who live in Wentachee, WA about 3 hours from Tacoma so they drove up for a visit. They both work on an apple orchard conducting scientific tests on growing experimental apples so it was fascinating learning about what they do. We had fun geeky conversations about apples, bugs, GMO’s, and DNA! They even brought us a bag of apples called “Cosmo Crisp” from their orchard that haven’t been grown anywhere else yet and they were really good similar to the honey crisp!!




We walked around a local farmer’s market and had lunch and then we went to a few parks. We learned from our friend about these painted rocks that people hide in parks for others to find. I guess there are Facebook pages for #Tacoma Rocks or #Denver Rocks with hints on where some are located and when you find them you are supposed to take a picture for the Facebook page so they know you found them. You can then either hide the rock again or keep it. They are really cool looking and fun to try and find like an easter egg hunt! So we walked around a park and found some! The two I found will probably come to Denver with me so I can hide them in Colorado. I think it would be neat for someone to find a Tacoma rock in Denver…I might even paint some myself to hide!






We drove around in Point Defiance Park and stopped at Owen Beach right on the coast of Puget Sound…it was beautiful!


IMG_9856 (1)




IMG_9860 (1)


group 1


Group 2


We also drove around downtown Tacoma and stopped at this really neat coffee place called the Cosmonaut which had the most amazing Chai ever!! After we said goodbye to our cousin, our friends took us to the Narrows Brewery right on the Marina which had amazing views. Then we had dinner at Red Hot a hot dog place with vegan options….I had a vegan dog with BBQ sauce, baked beans, onions and pickles with a side of mac and cheese and it was super delicious!! They also had tons of brews on tap and I tried the Blackberry Cider.












We were tired from the long day so we just hung out the rest of the night. We are looking forward to visiting Vashon Island in the morning!













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