Seattle Day 1 – Free Museum Day

We decided to take a trip to Seattle to visit with some friends. We were originally going to drive but then found super cheap flight deals with Frontier Airlines….$20 flights! We could fly cheaper than driving so we ended up flying and arrived Wednesday night around 6 pm. I am counting yesterday as our first day here though! The night we arrived we did go to a brewery called 7 seas in Tacoma near where we are staying with friends. It was a huge brewery and I had the best stout I have ever tasted! We visited with our friends for a bit and then settled in for the night.

Yesterday, we headed out to spend the day in Seattle. Since we don’t have a car and our friends are working we got to figure out the Washington bus system! We took a bus from Tacoma to downtown Seattle and it was pretty nice and convenient! The first Thursday of the month here means free museum day so we decided to check out the Museum of History and Industry or MOHAI for short. It is right on Lake Union so we got to see some cool boats and nice views of the city.





dock 2

This area is right by the Amazon campus so I recognized a lot from when I was here for my interview! The museum was pretty interesting and had a lot on Seattle history.  The hubs enjoyed looking at all the old school Microsoft stuff!



We even learned some Hobo code!


And saw the first ever Starbucks sign!


starbucks sign

There was a lot on WWII and the Japanese interment camps which is interesting for me to understand since I am half Japanese.




After the museum we walked the city and enjoyed looking at everything….tons of breweries everywhere! It was a pretty cold day around 40 degrees and cloudy but at least there was no rain and all the walking kept us warm.

beer no beer

Even though we have visited Seattle before and have already done most all the “touristy” things I still enjoy strolling through Pike Place Market and standing in the long line at the first Starbucks for a warm drink!




Starbucks 1

Starbucks 2


starbucks 3

We also went down to the waterfront and managed to fit in one more touristy thing we missed last time…the Seattle Great Wheel! We got to see the city lights so it was pretty awesome!


Wheel 1

Wheel 2

dre on wheel


dre wheel 2


us on wheel

On the pier by the Great Wheel there were tons of people fishing off the side so we stopped to see what was going on…they were fishing for squid at high tide and were catching a lot!





Our friends were going to drive up and meet us in Seattle after work so as we waited for them we took advantage of the free museum day and went into the Seattle Art Museum. It is really cool that most of the museums here are open until 9 pm so you have plenty of time to visit. One of our favorite art pieces was made with film titled “film is dead”. We loved it because we both were movie theater projectionists and worked with film. It is how we first met! We both miss film so this really resonated with us…awww memories 🙂



We met up with our friends and went to a brewery called Old Stone and I had a really good Belgium Blonde. They were able to drive us back to their place in Tacoma so we didn’t have to take the bus again.

Seattle is always a really fun city and I enjoyed seeing it during the holiday season.







We will be hanging out in Tacoma for the next few days since we haven’t seen much of it so we are looking forward to seeing some new things. We will probably try and plan at least one more trek into Seattle though before we leave!





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