Today I wanted to talk about sacrifices…believe me I have made plenty throughout my life but that is a long story for another day. I am talking about sacrifices you make to reach a goal. Since the hubs and I have a goal of becoming totally debt free and paying off our house this year we are following a pretty tight budget. We budget our monthly fixed bills, budget for food and groceries, and even budget some fun money in, but all the rest goes to paying extra on the mortgage. We are pretty much living off one salary with the second salary going to pay off debt. We have been working on this for 3 years and see the light at the end of the tunnel!

However, it can be tough at times. This past weekend I was kind of bumming a little because my Mom and family were in Las Vegas and some friends of ours were in Puerto Rico for a Caribbean cruise. Of course we were invited to both but we chose not to go. For us it was more important to keep throwing our money at the house so we could reach our goal this year. And man I love to travel and I love vacations damn it!

After my first reaction of being bummed and super jelly I remembered why we wanted to achieve this goal in the first place…so we could be free! Free from the pressures and stress of staying in a job just to pay bills. Free from robbing Peter to pay Paul. Free from this vicious repeating cycle. Our plans are to travel around the world and live abroad for months at a time while renting out our paid off house for income. We want to live simply and stress free, experience different places and cultures, live and enjoy life! And not wait until we are 60 to do it when we might be too sick or unhealthy.

So, did I want to be laying on a beach looking at clear blue Caribbean water or getting my drink on while playing poker in Vegas? Hell yes I did! But not this time. This time next year we might be living in London or Paris and that rocks the socks off seeing the Caribbean for only 7 days or losing my money in Vegas for 3 days! I’m looking forward to the end goal when I have month long vacations and I am free.

Sacrifice once in a while and remember the reasons why you are working towards something. If you sacrifice a little now, the rewards at the end are sweeter and definitely worth it!


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