Weekends are hard (that’s what she said) and this weekend I just enjoyed myself. I didn’t workout at all (blah) and mostly took the time to sleep in, hang with the hubs, and relax. I think I needed a weekend off to do whatever I wanted  and recharge a bit. Now I feel like I can get back into the daily grind and stay disciplined. It was still a very fulfilling weekend and I don’t regret it at all! My initial excuse was that my birthday is Tuesday (tomorrow) so I should just enjoy myself….but really it was more because I was


 I made the best of it though! I got to finish the Stephen King book I was reading 11/22/63…OMG so good it was hard to put down. The hubs doesn’t read books but once I told him what it was about he actually purchased the audio book so he could follow along. He ended up flying through it and finished it before I did so I had to bunker down and finish up the remaining 300 pages I had which I did in one night. I was up late finishing it but it was worth it especially since we could both talk about it! If you are a looking for a good book to read check this one out.



Friday night we were also invited to a friend’s vegan potluck for his birthday so we had a nice time with great people and beautiful delicious food and wine.


 foodgroup photo


Saturday I went shopping with my Mom and Grams for some birthday retail therapy! Mom and I share the same the birthday (yes I was born on my Mom’s birthday so my first gift to her was 14 hours of labor, nice) so we decided to go spend our gift cards from christmas (I’m on a budget) and buy each other birthday gifts. Afterwards we went out to dinner and I got a yummy vegetarian egg roll noodle bowl. Grams also gave me her ruby and diamond ring that my grandpa got her in Thailand for a graduation gift. I was so touched by this gift and love it with all my heart. My Grams has super tiny fingers so I am going to resize it so it can fit on my ring finger. I will take a pic later and share once it fits my sausage finger!


 Sunday I pretty much hung out with my kitties, ate, and watched the Grammy’s! The hubs had a craving for seitan wings so he made a bunch. They turned out really well…we ate them all day and will probably be making them for the Super Bowl!



photoseitan wings 2


Sunday morning I did attend the meetup that the hubs organizes…..every Sunday morning he goes to a local coffee shop and takes a few hours to work on personal projects. Right now he is working on a budget app to help people get out of debt like we are doing. He set up a meetup group so others can join and perhaps collaberate on each other’s projects. A few people have attended already and like the idea so I am really proud of the hubs for starting it. This Sunday I joined him to take the time to find and read blogs that inspire me. I found a few that are really amazing and wanted to share them. Both of these blogs are where the hubs and I want to be so it is very motivating to see other people living the life we are aiming for and making it happen!

This husband and wife took a 675 day honeymoon around the world and have the most amazing travel photos of their journey. They quit their jobs, rented out their place, and have been to 6 continents, 33 countries, and 302 places. Wow!

The Legendary Adventures of Anna is a newer blog but she travels full time on a budget and lives simply. She also has awesome pictures and stories. I am hoping to get Anna to possibly do a guest post on my blog to talk about how she budgets! 


Well that is it for the weekend welcome to Monday again. On a side note our Super Bowl pool numbers suck….we will need some crazy stuff to happen in order to win!



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