Quick Update

Hey y’all thought I would give you a quick update on what I have been doing…you would think I would have more time to blog but the days seem to go by so fast!


Next week I am meeting with a former University of Denver professor who is a lawyer and has her own practice. I am going to get all the legal docs I need for engagement letters, contract language, and disclaimer language as well as what insurance to purchase. The accounting and tax world can be scary when it comes to liability so I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row and avoid any lawsuit potential.  She was my professor for a few classes in my grad program so she is very excited for me and it will be good to catch up with her and get all the lawyer advice over some drinks!


I also did a FreshBooks webinar and got certified. So I got this nifty image that I can put on things:


FAN Badge



My name and business will also be listed on their website for anyone looking for accountants in Colorado. FreshBooks is a really user friendly system especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t know anything about accounting. It is not as overwhelming as QuickBooks is. My husband used it when he was freelancing so I am already familiar with it. And now that I am certified I also get a a free unlimited account to use which is awesome! I will be using this to invoice my own clients 🙂 I will be checking their site for my name so if you see it let me know!





I also purchased a month of QuickBooks Accountant 2014 to play around in….lots of small businesses use QuickBooks so I know I will need this to look at their books and files. The accountant version allows you to enter things in batches and has an error report that will display entry errors which makes it easier to see what is going on blah blah blah. I have been watching tons of video tutorials to refresh myself with all the software and also been watching tutorials on setting up accounting practices. It has been a little overwhelming with everything out there on the internet so sometimes I have to peel myself away from it and take a break!


Finding clients has been slow….I have mostly been emailing retail marijuana shops explaining a little bit about what I can offer them to see if they have a need for it. I got one response back with an email address to contact so I am hoping to get a response back from that. I have been spending a lot of time looking up all the retail shops, their websites, and everything marijuana so I am pretty sure there will be a white van outside my house at any time now. Oh wait there is one LOL just kidding! I know it will take some time finding and meeting the right people to get in. I am going to keep at it and I keep thinking about how I can meet people without having to go into each shop to buy an ounce… that would get expensive! Ok people I am just joking I am totally not a pot head for real!





I did get one call from a potential client that is a really small one man construction business LLC who quite frankly doesn’t need monthly accounting services. I told him he just needs a system like FreshBooks to track his invoices, income, and expenses, and just needs to report it on his schedule C of his taxes and he was like huh?! I lost him at my schedule C talk. I gave him free advice on how to get it set up,what he needs to do, and told him if he wants help figuring out what to report for his 2013 taxes then he could pay me for a few hours for that…we shall see!


Some days I have spent way too much time on the internet and some days have been discouraging and overwhelming, but I know things don’t happen overnight and I just need to continue working on it everyday. I have also met friends for lunch, drank beer in the early afternoon, and have had some much needed fun! Some days I have spent the entire time just replying to emails….lots of people have been reaching out and sending me messages from LinkedIn. Lots of old coworkers and acquaintances sending me their well wishes and asking about my new business venture. That’s what keeps me going most days – knowing I am trying something most people want to do but can’t or don’t. So a little part of me is doing this for everyone and I hope I don’t let you guys down!



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