Our Fall Road Trip and Rejection from the Dave Ramsey Show

I have some more news to share: some good and some bad. First, this is my husband’s last week at his job….he put in his notice and will be doing his own business with me at home! He has some ideas he wants to try out that include building some mobile apps. His main focus will be creating a scalable product of some kind. He will be doing some freelance design and website work, but wants to concentrate on things he never got to try. I am so excited to have him home with me I already have plans for him to help me at tax season haha!  And yes, we will have to buy our own health and life insurance now but at least it will be a business expense! Since we no longer have a mortgage payment, our monthly expenses to live are still pretty minimal even with the added insurance costs. We also still have our 6-8 month emergency fund in the bank and we will still be funding our Roth IRA retirement accounts. My business is doing great so I will be able to provide for us even if the hubs makes no income for some months, so don’t worry we will be fine!

Now on to some sort of bad news – we heard back from the Dave Ramsey show and basically got rejected! We sort of saw this coming since they had us answer a series of screening questions and one of those questions was about whether we use credit cards or not. We answered honestly of course and said that yes we do but we have always paid them off every month. We never had credit card debt and always treated them like debit cards. Dave Ramsey is very anti credit card and we know this from listening to his show. And it makes sense from his perspective because most people on his show have credit card debt and have bad habits with them. We didn’t think this little fact would keep us from appearing on the show though so when we got this response we were a little blown away:

Before I call I wanted to touch base about two things.

First, Dave will be gone the entire week of October 12th. I’m not sure if that changes your ability to do the scream or not.

Second, the use of the credit card is an issue. I know you said that you pay it off, but it is still something Dave does not recommend. As it stand now, I wouldn’t be able to put y’all on the air if you are still using it. If you decide you want to get rid of it, we can definitely continue to conversation.

Please let me know your thoughts on these two points.




So we basically got an ultimatum to either stop using our credit cards or don’t come on the show. We chose the latter. We don’t want to change what works for us just to get on the show. We use credit cards wisely and we use them for the incentives, especially for cash back and travel. And for long term travel overseas it is much easier to use credit cards for the exchange rates. It is a little disappointing that this stopped us from being on the show but we are going to continue to be us and hey we are still debt free. We got a lot of inspiration from Dave Ramsey’s show but I guess we won’t be a part of it.

That said we are not going to let this news ruin the fall road trip we have planned! Some of the trip was planned specifically for the show in TN but now we can just see other things. We are still going to go through TN  and want to see the Smoky Mountains so show or not we plan on having a good time! We are going to take 5 weeks mid October to mid November and head through Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, then Tampa, Florida and down to Key West. We are going to come back up maybe through New Orleans, Texas and New Mexico. We have sketched out a rough plan with roadtrippers here.



It will be 5,552 miles and $1,000 in gas so it will be a lot of driving! We have family in AR & FL that we will staying with and we also plan on using Airbnb and camping at a few places to save money. We will be keeping it flexible in case we want to stay in a place longer that we like or leave a place earlier that we don’t like. And all the attractions on the side of the road are game! I can’t wait to see all the sites plus it will be a good test to see if I can still work remotely while traveling!


What do you think about the news we received would you have changed to be on the show?




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