November Budget – Planning for the Holidays

For our November budget we adjusted a few things for the holidays coming up. What we usually do for Christmas to help us keep on budget is we first figure out our max amount we are spending on each person on our list. We then take the total amount we plan to spend on all gifts and split it up to spend half in November and the other half in December. This helps spread out the load a little over 2 months instead of having a huge budget in just December. Now if you are one of those people that already has all your Christmas gifts bought and wrapped in July then you would adjust your June/July budget or whenever you usually purchase/plan for them. We are not those people and are more the procrastinator types!


We are also planning for a November birthday and increasing our food budget a little for the extra Thanksgiving treats we will be buying or making. Our mortgage payment has also adjusted for the new year and is significantly lower so we adjusted our budget spreadsheet to reflect that. We are still planning on paying double to triple the amount we owe to get it paid off. We will be using the extra money we are saving on the lower mortgage payment to go towards budgeting for house renovations. We will be updating our kitchen, bathrooms, and basement so we have some big projects coming up. We are going to be doing as much as we can on our own to keep costs down so this blog may become bombarded with DIY posts soon! And I am hoping our marriage will last through all this LOL….love you babe!


We have many things going on but having a budget helps us plan ahead and save for everything we need even with the holidays coming. We are also cutting some costs by looking at different cell phone providers and changing our car insurance coverage and escrow insurance on our house. Analyzing your expenses every month is just as important as allocating all your income because you can always find areas to cut down in order to have more money to go towards something else. So get your budgets done!


How much do you usually spend on Christmas???




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