My Recurring Elevator Dream

I had another elevator dream the other night and thought I would share the details to see if anyone else has a similar dream or knows how to interpret it so I might stop having it! I have this dream often and it is usually always the same. Now, I have no fears of elevators what so ever and I have never been nervous being in one. I have never been stuck in one either so there is nothing traumatizing me about them.


The place where the elevator is at is always changing but that is the only thing that changes in my dream. Otherwise, it is the same in each dream. I get into an elevator, always with others, and we proceed to go up the floors. Eventually the elevator starts to flip upside down and turns a complete 360 degrees at crazy angles while I try to maintain balance. The others in the elevator with me are always so calm and nonchalant like it is completely normal and expected. So I try to act like I am fine with it but really I am freaking out as it flips me upside down and I stumble everywhere. I can actually feel my stomach drop each time it flips it feels so real! We get to the desired floor and the elevator turns normal and we all walk out like nothing happened. The elevator is always going up, it always flips upside down, and I am always with others that don’t freak out.


So what is this all about? Am I really a closet control freak inside and I have this dream when I feel out of control about something in my life? Am I worried I am trying to conform to what others are doing? I have no idea! Right now in my life I have no major stresses or concerns and I don’t feel out of control so I don’t understand why I would have this dream lately? Maybe it’s all the crazy tornado weather or I am afraid of Solange?! I must be missing something so please share your thoughts with me about it!


Do you have any recurring dreams?


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