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It was a fabulous weekend…even though I didn’t get MLK day off and had to work yesterday. Not only are my Broncos going to the SuperBowl but I got to have awesome vegan pizza at a meet up and celebrate my Grams 88th Birthday!! I also made it to jazzercise classes both Saturday and Sunday and got my workouts in – WINNING!!

 workout 2

It was also a food weekend ….we had tons of pizza on Friday night, had some yummy vegetarian pho on Saturday, and had some nachos and a “philly cheesesteak” from Native Foods for the game. All vegan at least but still tons of food.


 pizzaPHosuperbowl food


It’s a good thing I did get some workouts in. Plus I got some more running around in with the crazy high energy nephew at Grams house!



The meet up was great…the hubs got me to join and we found a vegan group that meets and eats quite frequently. This particular pizza one they have once a month and we always try to make it. Here I am with Chris, the chef and manager of the Bonnie Brae Tavern. Chris is vegan and his brother his vegetarian and they run the family owned business. The tavern normally serves burgers and non vegan items but Chris himself makes these pizzas every month and they are the best!


 We always enjoy the company and the food. We need to get out and try some other events as well. It really helps being around other people that have the same interests as you. For us trying to be vegan, we need a support system once in a while so we don’t feel like freaks! It motivates us to keep going and reminds us that we aren’t alone.


 They have a meet up for a ton of groups….they even have a running group that I am thinking about trying. I don’t feel like I can call myself a real runner yet but I think meeting and running with others will teach me a lot. Not to mention push me into getting some miles in. I would highly recommend you look at some meet ups near you and get out there in the community with like minded people!

Even with all the food this weekend I still had my breakfast smoothies. Now I just need to burn tons of calories this week to make up for it all.



I will leave you with some great MLK inspiration for today.




Now which meet up are you going to try?



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