Make Your Own Nice

After sharing our debt free news I knew there would be two kinds of reactions:

1) Feeling inspired and motivated it can be done;

2) Feeling uncomfortable or unsatisfied compared to us.

I intended to share our income and numbers only to illustrate that we are a pretty average dual income household in America and we were able to do it. We aren’t super rich and we aren’t poor. We lived on half our income….no matter how much more money we made we still lived like we we made $40,000/year. Anyone could have done it and that was the point I was making. I strive to be a transparent and honest person and if I inspire just one person to think differently then it was worth it no matter how many negative reactions come at me. I will continue to be open and share my journey whether people can handle it or not.

First of all, you should never compare yourself to others. We all lead different lives, have different goals, and have different journeys. The only thing that comes from comparing yourself to others is disappointment….so don’t do it! Be your own person and live your own life. It doesn’t matter what others are doing or did or how old they were when they did them. The only thing that should matter is yourself because that is what you can control.

Over the years I have grown a pretty thick skin (I mean try being a vegan, having to stick to a monthly budget instead of going out, and quitting your job to be a freelancer) people have said a lot of disheartening and insulting things to me. And I can understand that some of these things come from jealousy and envy and I get that haters gonna hate thing, but the one thing that really frustrates me is when I hear “must be nice”. That one really gets my blood boiling!! That one I can’t just brush off.

When I hear “must be nice” I immediately assume that person thinks it was easy for me, that I just sat there and good fortune came my way one day like it was all luck. It could not be more wrong! I worked my ass off and I am still working my ass off!! I am where I am now because I worked for it for the past 10 years. In my early 20’s I was working 3 part time jobs while trying to take care of a parent who was living with me. I struggled to make ends meet every month. I didn’t have health or dental insurance and I thought having $800 in the bank was a lot of money. Even after getting my first full time job I still worked part time jobs on evenings and weekends for extra income. I would be up until 2 am and having to turn around to be at my full time job at 8 am….taking the bus I might mention! 12-16 hour days were normal for me. If I got one day off a month I considered that a luxury. And on top of all that, I was going to school trying to get a degree! I got both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees while working full time and paying as I could. So yeah I guess it is nice now because I put my work in! Don’t ever assume anything is easy for anyone when you haven’t been in their shoes….you don’t know their past and where they came from.

Also when I hear “must be nice” I know that person doesn’t even try and isn’t doing anything to change their situation. It is a lot easier to sit there and think some people just have it better than you than actually taking action yourself. Guess what? You can go out and make it happen too….shocking! You can work multiple jobs, you can sacrifice for a few years, you can start your own business, you can work at home, you can pay off your debt. There are no excuses in today’s world… anyone can dog sit/walk, drive Uber or Lyft, sell goods on Etsy, Amazon, Craigslist, blog, youtube, the list goes on. There are so many opportunities to make extra money and figure out how to work at home or for yourself. If you are unhappy with your life then change it. You don’t have to accept the hand your dealt and you don’t have to downgrade other’s successes because you don’t want to work for it.

Now that we do have the house paid off and no debt, it doesn’t mean we are going to become complacent. We have made new and bigger goals to try and accomplish. We have more business ideas to try. We are going to travel. We will always be pushing to be our greatest versions, like our man Ralph Smart says. We have worked for the freedom to be able to do this but it doesn’t mean we are going to stop working or that we didn’t deserve it. Yes, it is nice to be where we are but go out and make your own.









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