I’m Alive!!!

Sorry guys it has been a while since I last posted so just thought I would stop by and let you know I am still here! I got a new look for my blog and wanted to give you an update on what I have been doing. Since December, I have really focused on growing my business for this tax season. Unfortunately I have a one track mind and when I focus on one thing everything else goes out the window! My workouts and tracking my food have lacked but I am hoping to get everything back on the wagon soon. All my energy went to my business but man it has paid off! Right now I have around 40 clients and 12 of those are monthly bookkeeping clients. I keep their books in order, run payroll, file sales and payroll taxes, invoice, reconcile, pay bills for them etc. Some I work on everyday, weekly, or just monthly. It is nice to know that I have this steady work every month. My tax clients are a good variety of individuals, LLC’s, partnerships, and S corps. Right now I am buried in piles of tax returns but I am loving all this work and I love my clients!

The best part is that I keep growing every single day! Most of my weeks have been filling up with appointments and new client meetings. Nearly everyone I did work for last year contacted me again this year and are already sending me referrals. I am also meeting up with another local bookkeeper who has been working for herself since 2006. She is also swamped right now and has tons of work that she can’t handle on her own so she will be giving me some of her clients to work on. I am excited for this opportunity because she has some trusts and high net worth individual work which I would like to learn and grow more in. So we are actually meeting Monday so she can hand me some projects! I am working long days and weekends to keep up on everything right now but it’s not so horrible when you are doing it for yourself. Next year during tax season, I am pretty sure I will be renting out a private office in a Denver co-space so I have a nice place to meet clients. The link below is where I have been thinking about and I am already super excited about it! I will have access to meeting rooms, a mailbox, printers and faxes, a fully stocked kitchen, and a gym! Plus it comes furnished and with internet….score!


I have also been pursuing the idea of finally breaking down and getting my CPA. I sent in my official transcripts for a pre-evaluation to the CPA Examination Services people. I want to make sure I will have enough educational credits and experience to actually get my license before I spend the time and money to apply. Most of my motivation for this came from the desire for the CFP or Certified Financial Planner designation. I am finding more and more that a lot of my clients also need personal finance advice. Since I have a passion for helping people with their finances and I have my own story and experience to share with them I feel like this is the perfect direction for me. If I have my CPA then I won’t need to take more educational credits in order to sit for the CFP. I don’t have enough finance credits so passing the CPA would be more worthwhile for me to complete than going back for more school ugh! Having a CPA wouldn’t hurt either…I still plan on staying in tax and accounting but I would also like to add in personal finance.

I finally created a yelp page for myself too…I need to work on asking clients to give me reviews now! You can check it out here:


That is what I have been up to lately. I have some things I have been wanting to write about so I should be more active from now on. I also need some help getting motivated again for working out so if you have a chance to bother me about it please do! But for right now… I have to get back to work!



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