I know I have been absent on the interwebs lately, but it’s only because I am just enjoying life! Sometimes you just need to unplug and take a break once in a while to enjoy being in the moment, being present, and not having to document/share everything. My Mom had a week off from work so I spent a lot of time with her. We went to lunch, did some shopping, took the nephew and family to the Denver zoo, and even had a yard sale. I had a nice time being with family. The hubs and I are also leaving on vacation with his family later this week….we are headed to San Francisco and then driving up the coast to spend time in Napa Valley and Portland, OR. So we are excited about that coming up! Also, tomorrow is our 4 year wedding anniversary so there is lots to celebrate!


Anyways over the weekend we went to the Renaissance Festival with some friends and had a great time! We saw lots of good shows and the people watching there is also very entertaining! The weather was nice it was cloudy most of the day but the sun did come out enough to give me a sunburn on my shoulders….I was trying to get some color before we head to CA.  The festival is on a side of a mountain and very hilly so we all got a workout in walking around all day. We were there when it opened at 10 am and stayed until they closed at 6:30 pm so it was a long day! Here are some of the pictures we took:




We love the unicorn!








We were really entertained with the tomato guy while waiting for the jousting tournament….he was really good at the insults! Lots of people were paying to hit him and we had a good laugh!







One of the best shows was the Kamikaze Fireflies who are actually on this season of America’s Got Talent. They were really awesome!





The guy has a Guinness record for making a sandwich with his feet and a lady actually eating it!






One of the funnest shows for us were the Russian belly dancers balancing swords on their heads. We got an up close personal show when one of the girls got on top of the table we all were sitting at dancing with the sword on her head!




That’s Andrew enjoying the best seat in the house…I think he liked it LOL






Huzzah!! Have you ever been to the Renaissance Festival?




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