Hello Murphy – Learning to Roll With The Punches

So some of you are probably wondering why you haven’t seen all these posts and pictures from an amazing road trip we were supposed to be on by now?! Sadly, I have to tell you it won’t be happening this year due to a fellow named Murphy’s Law!

When my husband left his job, we were half-wittedly joking about encountering Murphy since it would be the worst timing ever. We both had said now that we paid off the house and there are no more stable paychecks coming in everything will go wrong…well I think we jinxed ourselves because it happened.

We started off having to pitch in more than anticipated for a new roof due to all the hail storms we had here…our roof was completely destroyed. It hadn’t been replaced in a while so we were due for a new one anyways. Insurance did pay for some but not all so we had to pay for a chunk out of pocket which amounted to $2,700. Then our water heater started leaking! This was also due to be replaced so we had to set aside more money for this which was another $1,000. We also had to repair a recently cracked something or other (I am clearly not a mechanic) in our car and get new tires, which was fine because we were going to be driving it across the country so we needed a safe working car. However, this was another $1,000 hit. With all these unexpected expenses, we had originally planned to just postpone our road trip and leave the beginning of November to give us more time to replenish the bank account again. Well, we started feeling guilty about missing the holiday with our family so we then modified it again to leave on Black Friday after Thanksgiving and travel most of December and come back for Christmas.

This weekend my 5 year old MacBook Pro started acting wonky and had a dark and distorted screen display that doesn’t start up which probably means the video card is going out. Since the laptop is so old it would be better to just buy a new laptop instead of throwing more money at the old one, plus I need more hard disk space. My prediction…I will end up with a new MacBook Pro which is a hefty $1,800 business expense! To top it off, the hubs now has a toothache so we might have some dental expenses coming up :/

All of these expenses have hit our emergency fund pretty hard and with only one self-employment income coming in we haven’t been able to catch back up. The travel fund is not where we want it to be for a long road trip due to having to replenish the emergency fund. The good news is that I am busy and have lots of work so I know we will get ahead of this in a few more months. At this point we are both over all of these surprises and are looking forward to just being for a bit! We are both enjoying our new schedules right now, getting to hang out with family and friends, and are looking forward to little weekend excursions. I also have lots of tax season planning coming up and am actually looking into paying someone to help me!

Yes all of this was a buzzkill and it did ruin our plans, but the reality is it doesn’t effect us much. We do not have to worry about vacation time or having to rush so we aren’t too disappointed. There is no need to stress ourselves out about it when we can just roll with the punches and change our plans a bit. We will plan for an amazing trip next year after Murphy has left town.


Has Murphy changed your plans before?















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