Getting Back On Track

I have been in vacation mode ever since we got back from vacation. It has been a month now since we got back from our 10 day road trip and I still haven’t fully gotten back to my normal schedule. I got so used to eating out, eating all the bad things like chips and candy, and drinking all the beer! I am still trying to purge all those bad habits and cravings I learned again. I am also still carrying around those extra 5 pounds that I gained while on vacation because I was still living the vacation high life! We all go through waves of motivation and I’m ready to get my groove back to lose this weight. So these are the steps I took to help me get back on track:


1. Face the facts – I got myself to the gym last week and stepped on the scale. I knew I had gained some weight just based on how I was feeling and looking and how my clothes fit. I can usually tell pretty easily but I was avoiding the scale and didn’t want to know. I was in denial land until I saw that number staring at me in the face. That alone was enough motivation to get my fire lit again.


2. Cut the alcohol – Anyone that knows me knows that I loooove beer! Unfortunately beer makes me gain weight like a mother! I also get pretty bloated and it is the worst thing to have when trying to lose weight. So I cut all the beer and drank water all day like it was my job. I am going to save my beer drinking days for special occasions only like Broncos games! I can’t believe football season is here already so I will be working harder in order to get my drink on Sundays or Mondays….Go Broncos!!


3. Stock the kitchen – The last few grocery shopping trips have looked like this:


grocery 1grocery 2


Lots of organic produce and good stuff! I make sure I have this food in the house so when I get hungry I eat this as opposed to going out or eating junk. I have also been making dinner every night so we stay in. I am back to my raw till 4 diet – smoothies for breakfast, salad and veggies for lunch, then pasta, soup, tofu or potatoes for dinner. Basically you eat raw until dinner and for dinner you load up on good carbs.


4. Make a workout plan and be accountable – In order to get myself back into beast workout mode I made a plan of what I am doing everyday. The hubs started doing C25K again so I started to join him on the runs in the morning. Sometimes it is easier to just get up and walk out the front door for a workout then having to drive to the gym. I make sure I add a lot of variety and I try to be with the hubs or friends so it keeps me accountable. I go to jazzercise on the weekends because my friends are there and they will text me if I don’t go. When people are relying on me to be there it is harder for me to blow it off! Plus I am sharing this with you all right now which will add more accountability. Here is my workout plan:


C25K run outside

Gym – stairmaster/chest & triceps

Gym – stairmaster/back & biceps

C25K run outside
Dance lesson

Rest Day

Gym – Legs & Calves

Gym – Shoulders & Abs


I am combining both cardio and weight training on most days and some days are just cardio. This month the hubs and I are also taking Lindy Hop swing dance lessons once a week on Thursday nights so that is another hour of cardio we can add!


After a full week of workouts and eating right I will weigh myself again next Monday and see how I do! I will be sure to let you guys know how I did. How do you get back on track?











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