Friends, Family & 7K Results

It was another filling and busy weekend. I got lots of workouts in to try to prepare for the 7K.


weekend workouts


Saturday morning after a workout I met with a bunch of former co-worker ladies from Xcel Energy for brunch. We had a great time catching up and getting our gab on. I had such a good time chatting and stuffing my face with blueberry pancakes that I forgot to take some pics of us blogger FAIL!! You will just have to trust me I guess! We will definitely be getting together again.

After brunch we had the funeral service for my Grandpa’s sister, Grace, who passed. I got to see lots of family from out of town. We even had dinner afterwards to catch up more. I didn’t take many pics of this either so another FAIL.  RIP Grace Ida.




Sunday morning was the Running of the Green 7K and oh look I have a billion pics of that!! I finished in little over an hour….yes I am slow as molasses people! This course is always hard for me because of the steep hills throughout. I walked up them a lot and then would run downhill and any flat surfaces I could. I totally wasn’t prepared and didn’t train much so I am just happy that I finished and I did it! I am also carrying  around lots of extra weight so I do what I can do….progress not perfection. I really want to kick ass next year!




I quickly gained back all those calories I burned afterwards with beer and celebrations!! I met up with my 7 minute mile cousins who are always finishing by the time we start! One day I will be there with them once I get more fit!









It was 60 degrees and absolutely beautiful so we decided to stop at the Celtic Tavern a few blocks away for some food and more beer. We sat outside to enjoy the weather some more.





I think we both stayed out too long because after we got home we were red! The hubs face is all red  and my neck and arms are all red.


sunburn neck

sunburn arm


It was worth it though….the race was a blast like always and I enjoyed catching up with family and friends all weekend!!

Who wants to run it with me next year??


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!







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