Don’t Cry for Me About Amazon

A lot of you know from Facebook that I was recently interviewed by Amazon for a tax position in Seattle, WA and ended up not getting a job offer. It started out as one email from a recruiter requesting a phone interview, that turned into a second phone interview, that turned into flying me out for an all day face interview with 7 people each one on one. I did not apply for this position nor was I even looking for employment at the time. I know a lot of people were excited for me and I was even curious and excited myself since it’s not everyday that Amazon contacts you. However, I have to say that I am actually happy I didn’t get the job…so don’t be sorry or sad for me because it is exactly what I wanted!


Wait, who doesn’t want to work at Amazon are you crazy Dre?! Yes, yes I am but you have to understand the place I am in and what I would be sacrificing. Don’t get me wrong I was incredibly lucky to even get a chance to see their huge campus, how their department operates, and enjoy a free trip to Seattle where I also visited some friends, but I had some concerns. Amazon is like any other corporate tax department I have worked in. It would be on par to the exact job I did at Xcel Energy except having to deal with many more state returns and products and being able to wear jeans everyday and work with people bringing their dogs into work! It would still be very demanding and corporate. I would be back to working 60 hour weeks, working weekends, having high stress, and not being able to take vacations because of monthly tax due dates. These are big reasons why I left those similar jobs to do my own thing….if I am going to be working that much and that hard I would rather be doing it for me rather than someone else!


Having to move to Seattle for the position also gave me some concerns. We would have to uproot our entire lives in CO very quickly and leave our families and friends behind. Seattle rent is also more expensive than Denver and would have cost us about $2,000/month for a decent one bedroom apartment in downtown Seattle close to Amazon. Also our house in CO would need some time for repairs and updating in order to turn it into a rental and then time to find renters. The hubs would have had to stay behind to get our house ready and we would have been separated for months living in two different states. That is a lot of stress to think about! We already have plans to make our current house in CO a rental but this would be pushing our timeline quickly and the hubs would have to do it all by himself. Not to mention it would have been a huge hit on our budget! Would it be cool to live in Seattle? Heck yeah but you know what, with our current plans and own timing we can live in Seattle for a bit without having to get a job there.


Before I got the email from Amazon I was getting more clients and gaining momentum in my business. I am continuing to grow every month so I am really excited to see what this tax season will bring since I am more established now. I already have a good list of clients growing for April! So when that Amazon email came through I was very torn. I just went with the flow kind of out of curiosity and I just happened to keep passing the beginning steps. The more it progressed the more nervous I got about it. I felt like I was just starting to get my business off the ground and if I stopped now then I would never know what the full potential was. If I took a job I would always have that regret of not knowing. Eventually I know my business can make what I used to make in a yearly salary just in a few months of Jan-April. I love getting to work with my clients directly, meeting new people, helping small businesses, and working at home on my own schedule. I choose when I want to work and who I want to work with. I didn’t want to get an offer from Amazon because I was afraid I would use it as a crutch to get me out of being self-employed. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to turn them down and say no.


Right now our lifestyle is simple and pressure free. We are almost completely free and don’t need that much money or things to be happy. We have a little ways to go to pay off our house entirely but our mortgage is so low (seriously our house payment is only like 2 x our cell phone bill) that we already live like we are debt free! Imagine if you didn’t have to pay rent or mortgage every month,  your car payment every month, and your student loan payments every month….how much money you would have?! Think about it and do the math. Add up all your debt payments you make every single month….that is how much you could have in your pocket instead. That is the place we are at and let me tell you it is the most freeing feeling ever. You don’t feel the pressure of having to make so much money and instead you can explore the things that you always wanted to do. You feel completely free to do whatever you want! If I took that Amazon job it would be going backwards for me….I would be back to working in order to pay a high rental bill every month, back to working a hectic schedule, back to dreaming about traveling the world and not being able to do it, back to a keeping up with the Joneses lifestyle, I would be back to being normal. So for me, a job is not worth losing my freedom and dreams right now, even if it is Amazon.









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