Crazy Week & Birthday Weekend!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week and weekend so I thought I would do a quick update of everything going on:


1. Insurance Claims –  I am still dealing with insurance companies and estimators to get our car repaired after the car accident I had a few weeks ago. A guy in a truck rear ended me on the highway and smashed our back bumper and trunk….everyone was ok and thankfully there were no injuries. After all the fun calls to insurance companies I am still waiting to get an estimate back and for his insurance company to accept liability for repair. So lots of time has been spent on the phone trying to get things done and it is slow and annoying!


2.  Work – Manion & Associates has some fun projects going on right now! I am still working on my food truck client that is a pretty big project. They haven’t filed in a few years so it is taking a while to get their books in order and getting all the necessary info I need from them. I am preparing 4 tax returns for them so that is taking a lot of my time right now. I was also retained by a Seattle law firm to be a consulting expert for a CO tax case they have. They are paying me a generous hourly rate for my advice and opinions relating to this CO tax case. It has been interesting and fun to work on….the only scary part is I might have to testify in court as an “expert”.


3. Workouts – I have been getting my workouts in and following my Jamie Eason program. So far I am loving it and my body has never been sorer…I feel stronger already lifting all the weights!


4. The hubs’ birthday – We had a great time celebrating my honey’s birthday all weekend long. There was lots of eating, drinking, and visiting with family. His birthday was yesterday on Sunday but we started celebrating on Friday! And if you haven’t seen the birthday surprise I had for him check it out here! I hired George Peele to write a customized birthday song to the Game of Thrones theme song and show up to my husband’s office to sing it to him! He dressed up as Jon Snow from the show and it surely surprised the hubs! George did a fantastic job at taking stories and facts and writing a creative and funny tune that was personal. The hubs loved it and it will be something he will never forget! I would highly recommend George if you need a singing telegram in the Denver area!


5. Lonely Cat Lady – I dropped the hubs off at the airport this morning…he is going to Austin, TX for a work conference so I will be a lonely cat lady for a week 🙁  If you want to have lunch or dinner please hit me up because I will be all alone womp womp. I always have my work and cats though 🙂


Hope you all had a great weekend and I am hoping to get a few blog posts up this week! What have you been busy with?






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