Ask and Sometimes You Shall Receive

In this post I am going to give away one of our secrets for saving money….are you ready for it? Ask! Sometimes just asking a simple question can save you money or change your outcome. You would be surprised how easy it is and if it doesn’t work then at least you know you tried. It also takes very minimal effort and sometimes the rewards are great!


If you read the March Budget post you know that we were looking into getting a lower internet rate with Comcast. This can be challenging at times because we only want internet, not cable or phone services. Most of the time their services are bundled and they want us to get cable when we call about our internet price. We have found the best way to get a cheaper deal is to ask for it on Twitter. Big corporations are usually looking at their twitter feedback making sure their customers are satisfied. My husband tweeted and asked about a better internet price and within the hour a customer service representative from the executive office called me about our account.




She told me that Comcast didn’t have any “just internet” deals at the moment, but she gave us $10 off our bill for the next 3 months anyways. We just saved $30 from a tweet! We didn’t have to call them and be D bags trying to get our way….it just took one tweet. We have been a Comcast customer for a long time and they want to keep us as a customer. And the best way to get the right person who can lower your bill to contact you is through Twitter.


We have even gotten out of bank fees and increased our credit limits just by asking. We have been with our bank for a long time so when they started charging us fees for having debit cards and other weirdo fees, we simply called them up and kindly asked them if they could remove the fees and they did. I might note that there is no reason to call anyone to scream and yell at them….being polite and respectful is going to get you further so be nice! We pay our credit cards off every month so we don’t have credit card debt or pay interest fees, but we will still call our bank about once a year to increase our credit limits to help our credit score. Because we don’t have much debt we ask for higher limits since it raises your debt to credit ratio which in turn gives you a higher credit score. We don’t have plans to ever borrow or be in debt again but just in case we want our credit scores to remain.


I have even changed grades just by asking my professors! For my undergrad, I ended up changing 3 B’s into 3 A’s. I was only a few points away from an A in these classes so I simply emailed my professors and asked them if there was anything I could do for a few points to get to an A. 2 professors had me just write up a paragraph on what I learned most from the class and how I was going to apply it to the workforce and the other professor just changed it. I ended up graduating with highest honors Summa Cum Laude even while working full-time because of these grade changes and it just took an email and a paragraph.


We have called our trash service to get a lower rate and ended up with free recycling services and we have bargained prices at farmer’s markets. You never know if you don’t ask. So get out there and ask and see what changes for you!


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