Seattle Day 2 – Work and Beer

We had a relaxing working day yesterday in Tacoma. We walked to a cute coffee shop on 6th and Union called Metronome and got some work done. I had a caramel latte, a blueberry scone and later on a hot apple cider. It was rainy and cold so it was a great day to just hang out, catch up on work and watch the weather and people go by.










Later on our friends cooked us an awesome dinner of tofu florentine and lemon basil rice and then took us to 3 breweries that they love in Tacoma. There are breweries everywhere here! We tried Tacoma Brewing, Dystopian State Brewing, and Wingman Brewers. At Tacoma Brewing I actually tried an IPA called cigar box and really liked it….I normally hate IPA’s but this one was so unique and different and wasn’t too hoppy. At Dystopian I tried a Chai Porter which was pretty good and at Wingman I had a stout called Dark Waters that was super flavorful.








We had a great time trying some Tacoma brews and having deep conversations with friends all night!




We have some really fun plans coming up for the weekend including taking a ferry to visit Vashon Island, heading back to downtown Seattle, going to a gay bar and even a trip into Olympia and the coast to see the ocean! And of course lots more breweries to try!

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